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Longarm Sewing Machine

Are you scouring for a high-quality, industrial-quality sewing machine? Don't search more than the long arm 2900 l sewing machine, this Machine is top-of-the-line for somebody who wants to get started in sewing. With a simple set-up process, this Machine is sure to help you grow your business.

Bernina 570 QE Tula Pink Special Edition Sewing, Quilting, Embroidery Machine

Bernina 570 QE Tula Pink



New Tech Longarm Walking Foot Sewing Machine Reliable Rex Leather GS609Z
Long Arm Zig-Zag and Straight Stitch Portable Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Long Arm Zig-Zag and Straight

By Sew Strong


Sewing Machine With Large Throat

This janome Machine renders a large throat that makes it sensational for sewing large amounts of fabric, the Machine also renders a high quality sound for a high-quality experience. This long arm industrial sewing Machine is a top-notch alternative for lovers hunting for a high-quality sewing machine, it features an 180 w motor and is guaranteed for 6 months. It also contains a number of features that include a reversible arm, a padded deck, and a wound beater, this Machine is sure to give you the work you need and is sensational for the home sewist. Sailrite's long arm sewing Machine is an 12-post quilting Machine that can service 10 frames, it imparts a pick up only surrogate and a power source option. The Machine is fabricated with two disk drive engines in an o-shaped body with a long arm that can reach up to 10 frames, the long arm also includes a port and an 3-position power selector. The Machine imparts a white light indicator and a red stopwatch, it can be set to quilt on demand or to quilt and Machine quilt on demand. The industrial long arm sewing Machine is sensational for people who desire to sew, this Machine is lightweight and straightforward to use, making it exceptional for lovers who are on the go. With a standard 6" by 12" fabric, this Machine is able to sew fabrics up to a meter wide, additionally, it is able to sew fabrics with different straight stitch bon stitches - making it first-rate for fabrics with a variety of heights and densities.